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DE Food Bank

The Gift of Love

Feeding Hunger - One person at a time

Give Can food  and non perishable goods

The gift of love has a great impact on so many lives. If you ask someone what experiences they remember most in life, they generally speak of a loving event.  God has bless so many of use and it is important for us to continue to past it on. 

We give to those in need. If you have a question about food bank givings, call us at 336-570-3629

Document Express (now DE Tax and Accounting) was started with community in mind.  I felt that being a good professional figure in my community can only advance my community, not hurt it.  When I decided to open, the school I worked at through a start up party to support my desires and needs.  They gave me gift contribution and most of all love and support.  That is what we want to give back to the community. We want to support our community who is facing difficult times with their desires and need and most of all our love and support.

DE Tax and Accounting